Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Triptych II/2011 - Celtic Frost II

Triptych II/2011 - Celtic Frost II

Triptych II/2011, left panel: Self, Deceased L/2011

Triptych II/2011, center panel: Self, Deceased XXVIII/2011

Triptych II/2011, right panel: Self, Deceased LI/2011

"Triptych II/2011 - Celtic Frost II" created December 2008 to January 2011, and inspired by the demise of Celtic Frost. Available only as a complete triptych; SOLD

- Left panel: "Self, Deceased L/2011"; angled, enamel wash on concrete.

- Center panel: "Self, Deceased XXXVIII/2011"; enamel wash and enamel on concrete.

- Right panel: "Self, Deceased LI/2011"; angled, enamel wash on concrete.

Cast from concrete, and mounted on anodized aluminum frames. Cast and painted individually by hand, using a variety of washes and oil/enamel/terracota paints. Labeled, numbered, and signed. Dimension of individual death masks approx. 24 cm x 33 cm (10" x 13") framed. Weight of complete triptych with frames approx. 9 kg (20 lb).

This triptych was part of the Antecedent Death I exhibition, Lausanne, Switzerland, February/March 2011.

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